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Edoardo Celeste
Trump's social media ban: Reviewing the constitutionality of capital digital punishment
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Trump; ban; digital punishment; social media exclusion
Trump’s ban from social media, while gaining significant media attention, does not represent an isolated case. Preventing individuals from accessing social media platforms or parts of them is a common phenomenon today that we can call ‘social media exclusion’. In a recent article, Edoardo Celeste explains that without social media one cannot enjoy her fundamental rights to such an enhanced level as has become standard in recent years. For this reason, curtailing the possibility of accessing social media should be subject to minimal constitutional safeguards. A series of doubts must therefore be reserved in relation to the permanent nature of Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter and Facebook. Trump’s digital punishment is capital and potentially irreversible: a social media death penalty. Does banning Trump permanently represent a proportionate solution considering the other interests at stake?
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