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Edoardo Celeste and Federico Fabbrini
2020 Unknown
Data Privacy and Trust in Cloud Computing
Competing Jurisdictions: Data Privacy Across the Borders
In Press
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Cloud computing; data protection; data localisation; digital sovereignty
Borderless cloud computing technologies are exacerbating tensions between European and other existing approaches to data privacy. On the one hand, in the European Union (EU), a series of data localisation initiatives are emerging with the objective of preserving Europe’s digital sovereignty, guaranteeing the respect of EU fundamental rights and preventing foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies from accessing personal data. On the other hand, foreign countries are unilaterally adopting legislation requiring national corporations to disclose data stored in Europe, in this way bypassing jurisdictional boundaries grounded on physical data location. The chapter investigates this twofold dynamics by focusing particularly on the current friction between the EU data protection approach and the data privacy model of the United States (US) in the field of cloud computing.
Grace Fox, Theo Lynn and Lisa van der Werff
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