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O'Riordan, F., Karazi, S. & Gillanders, R.
WCOL 2019
Engaging Students Using Online Rubric and Peer Evaluation
Convention Center Dublin
Oral Presentation
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This presentation shared research being conducted with final year Applied Economics class of approx. 120 students. The aim of the research is to engage learners in their assessment in a deeper and more meaningful way. In so doing it is expected that this study will reduce the risk of cheating by using assessment strategy (i.e. concept of loss aversion, use of rubrics, involvement of learners through online peer evaluation) to design out plagiarism. We reported reported on the observations and experience of the three researchers designing and managing the workshop activity and online rubric. Specifically, we presented our learnings from the approach in relation to the flexibility, or otherwise, of using online tools to support this assessment strategy. Some student feedback was used to share insights into learnings from the approach.