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ORiordan, F.
ICEP 2019
Academic Development Provision: Impact and Sustainability Challenges
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Professional development teaching and learning units evidencing impact sustainability professional teaching in HE
UL, Limerick
The aim of this paper is to explore how professional development initiatives in institutes of higher education are deemed to be successful. The discussion will use the work in Dublin City University (DCU) Teaching Enhancement Unit (TEU) as a case study to contextualize ways in which they are seeking to ensure their provision offers value for those engaging in professional development activities, for the University, and ultimately the students. Understandably, teaching and learning support units are increasingly being put under pressure to demonstrate impact and value. Units, such as the TEU are a cost to the University and as such must be held accountable for their work. Spowart et al (2017) discuss impact as meaningful and lasting change. They acknowledge that evidencing impact in this way is challenging because of all the ‘indirect influences involved’ (p. 360). Meaningful and lasting change can be in the academic engaging in professional development, or their students experiencing interventions as a result of the academic working with the teaching and learning unit, or impact may be on their colleagues and the wider academic community e.g. changed practices in how the programme is organised. This paper is intended to be a discussion paper, presenting some current research in the area, outlining the approach DCU TEU take, and seeking input from the ICEP audience on what they feel works in terms of professional development support and initiatives.
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