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Foody, M., Samara, M. O'Higgins Norman, J.
British Journal of Educational Psychology
Bullying by Siblings and Peers: Poly setting victimisation and the association with problem behaviours and depression
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bullying; siblings; depression; problem behaviours
Background: In recent times, sibling bullying has emerged of interest to researchers concerned with the emotional and behavioural implications for victimisation regardless of type and setting. Aims: This research attempts to extend current knowledge on both peer and sibling bullying and to determine the effects of poly-setting victimisation. This paper is concerned with the following objectives: (1) determining the current rate of bullying and victimisation among siblings and peers in a large sample of adolescents; (2) investigating the relationship between sibling and peer bullying and depression and behaviour; (3) highlighting the cross over effects of bullying from one setting to another and (4) determining the overall association of poly-setting victimisation with depression and behaviour. Sample and Methods: Over two thousand adolescents aged between 12 and 15 years participated in an online survey. Results: Results found lower rates of sibling bullying compared to international studies. Sibling victims of bullying were at increased risk of becoming peer victims. Poor friendship quality, disliking school, along with peer and sibling bullying involvement predicted scores in the clinical range for outcome measures of internalising and externalising problem. Conclusions: The current study has clinical and educational implications for working with all important stakeholders (i.e., schools, parents, siblings) to reduce bullying and improve mental health.
United Kingdom
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Irish Research Council (IRC)