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Brown, M., O'Hara, J., Altrichter,H., Skedsmo,G.,Nayir,F.,McNamara,G.,Burns,D.,Fellner,M.,Helm,C.,Wiese,E.,Herzog-Punzenberger,B. and Kristin-Gloppin,S.
American Educational Research Association
Exploring Assessment Policies and Practices for Students With a Migrant Background
Toronto, Canada
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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This paper as part of an Erasmus+ project titled Aiding Culturally Responsive Assessment in Schools (ACRAS) provides a mixed methods analysis of assessment policies and teachers practice for the assessment of migrant background students in four countries (Austria, Ireland, Norway and Turkey) that over the last twenty years have witnessed significant changes in patterns of migration. Findings suggest that, at a policy level, there is evidence that the foundations for culturally responsive assessment practices are beginning to take shape, albeit to varying degrees in each country. The survey results also indicate the need for training and professional development, and also implies that not enough emphasis is being placed on culturally responsive assessment, despite the rhetoric that espouses interculturalism.