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Mcloughlin, E; Grimes, P; Lovatt, J; Mordan, C; Murphy, P
SMEC 2018: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice in STEM Education
Open schools for open societies: Encouraging innovation in schools and communities
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Open schooling, School leadership, Responsible Research and Innovation
Citizens today are required to have a better understanding of science and technology in order to help them to participate in science informed decision making and knowledge based innovation (Hazelkorn et al., 2015). One way in which schools can help to address this challenge is through the concept of Open Schooling. An Open School is an engaging environment that makes a vital contribution to the community. The Open Schooling approach aims to move beyond the constraints of present structures through supporting teachers in designing and implementing an Open Schooling model. This model promotes and encourages collaboration with non-formal and informal education providers, enterprises and civil society to ensure relevant and meaningful engagement of all societal actors with science (Louisoni, Istance & Hutmacher, 2004). We are in the initial phase of introducing Open Schooling in Ireland in the context of the Horizon 2020 project Open Schools for Open Societies. We have conducted interviews with school principals in order to assess where they perceive their school stands in relation to the characteristics of open schooling. This paper presents a framework for the analysis of these interviews, along with the initial findings from two of these interviews. We discuss the findings in the context of the needs and expectations of schools as they move towards becoming Open Schooling hubs.
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