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Rodríguez-Conde M.;Olmos-Migueláñez S.;Gamazo A.;O'Hara J.
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Evaluation in education and Guidance: A perspective from 2018
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Assessment Digital competences Digital literacy Educational evaluation Experimentation Human Factors Measurement Reliability
© 2018 ACM After having celebrated the “Evaluation in education and guidance” track in TEEM17 in Cádiz (Spain), we return for this fifth edition of TEEM18 to Salamanca (Spain), to carry on with the presentation of research works dealing with the topics mentioned throughout this introductory paper. In the previous editions we have presented the advances of the studies in Educational Assessment conducted by our research team belonging to the IUCE at the University of Salamanca, as well as those of other national teams specialized in educational assessment and guidance, such as the Universities of Cadiz, Malaga, Córdoba, Oviedo, Burgos, etc. In this edition we would like to open up to the participation of international teams (European, American and Asian), who will contribute with interesting advances in educational fields as relevant as the assessment of programmes, schools and institutions, or the impact of educational actions on learning. Nowadays, educational assessment constitutes a key element for the improvement of the quality of any programme or, in its broadest sense, the quality of the education system as a whole. In this track we seek to share methodologies and research results about diverse assessment objects, whose aim is to improve the education system, both at University and non-university levels. On the other hand, this track will present some research experiences in the fields of evaluation and educational guidance.
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