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Poole P.;Brown M.;McNamara G.;O'Hara J.;O'Brien S.;Burns D.
Challenges and supports towards the integration of ePortfolios in education. Lessons to be learned from Ireland
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© 2018 The Authors This paper reports on research derived from a one-year study on the integration of ePortfolios in education using Ireland as a case example. Through a series of interviews with school principals, teachers and members of the support service of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland, this research explores the opportunities and challenges relating to the use of ePortfolios in Irish post-primary education. Evidence suggests that, whilst supports for the integration of ePortfolios are beginning to emerge, there are many unresolved issues. These include equity of access to broadband coupled with the disconnect between ePortfolios and the curriculum that need to be addressed prior to ePortfolios becoming a common feature of the Irish educational landscape. Although the findings are particularly relevant to the Irish context, they also have wider implications for other jurisdictions that are in the process of introducing ePortfolios into their education systems.
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