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Brunton, J., Brown, M., Costello, E., and Farrell, O.
Head start online: flexibility, transitions and student success
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This qualitative case study examined the effect of a six-week, pre-induction socialization Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Head Start Online”, on participants’ constructions of their expected study experiences in online or part-time higher education. The data analysed in this study were gathered from participant posts in discussion forums. The forums were purposively located within a course designed to provide a supportive resource and interactive platform for these learners during the early stages of the study lifecycle. The key themes constructed through the analytic process were: goals; community & support; balance; and learning. The data revealed that participant constructions of expected higher education experiences reflected the key messages that the course was designed to communicate and reinforce. In addition, the findings illustrate how specific design elements of the Head Start Online MOOC supported the creation of an engaged learning community within course discussion forums.
0952-3987, 1469-5790
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