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Challenor L.;Foody M.;O’Higgins Norman J.
Pastoral Care in Education
An observation and analysis of profiles among adolescents on the Yellow application
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adolescents Instagram Ireland privacy Yellow
© 2018, © 2018 NAPCE. Yellow is a social networking application for adolescents aged 13 and over. It has raised concerns with parents and educators because of its potential to link and create friendships with strangers. The current study involved a content analysis of 298 Yellow profiles to determine the age and gender of Yellow users, their sharing of personal information or images and their emoji use. Findings indicated privacy concerns such as high sharing of content through secondary profiles (i.e. linked Instagram accounts). Little evidence of a sexual nature was found and Emoji use was common and of a sexual nature in approximately half of the sample. Results are discussed in light of previous Irish research and recommendations for future studies are provided.
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