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Timmons J.;Minnock D.;Hone M.;Cogan K.;Murphy J.;Egan B.
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports
Comparison of time-matched aerobic, resistance, or concurrent exercise training in older adults
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Aerobic fitness Body composition Combined training Function Lean body mass Strength
© 2018 John Wiley & & Sons A/S. A supervised 12-week intervention of time-matched aerobic vs resistance versus concurrent exercise training was employed to investigate mode- and time course-specific effects of exercise training in older adults. Community-dwelling men and women (n = 84; M/F, 45/39; 69.3 ± 3.5 years; 26.4 ± 3.8 kg m-2) were randomly assigned (n = 21 each) to either non-exercise control (CON), aerobic exercise only (AER), resistance exercise only (RES), or concurrent aerobic and resistance exercise (CEX). Training groups trained three times per week, each performing 72 minutes of active exercise time per week. Body composition, physical and cognitive function, and markers of metabolic health were assessed before (PRE), and after 6 (MID) and 12 (POST) weeks of exercise training. Hand-grip strength, 1RM chest press, and arm LBM were improved by both RES and CEX, but not AER. Aerobic fitness increased in AER and RES, but not CEX. Cognitive function improved in all groups, but occurred earlier (ie, at MID) in AER. CEX improved gait speed and lower limb strength and reduced trunk fat compared to either AER or RES. Leg LBM was unchanged in any group. Temporal patterns were observed as early as 6 weeks of training (gait speed, upper and lower limb strength, aerobic fitness), whereas others were unchanged until 12 weeks (hand-grip strength, timed up-and-go, sit-to-stand). Compared to either aerobic or resistance exercise training alone, concurrent exercise training is as efficacious for improving a range of health-related parameters and is more efficacious for increasing gait speed and lower limb strength, and decreasing trunk fat in older adults.
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