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Nayir, F., Taneri, O., Brown, M., Burns, D., O’Hara, J., and McNamara, G.
Education, Society and Reform Research (EDUSREF)
Improving Education as a Social System in the face of Future Challenges: Assessment for Migration Students : Aiding Culturally Responsive Assessment in Schools(ACRAS) in four European Countries
Ankara, Turkey
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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Culturally responsive assessment can be described as assessment strategies for students who have different cultural background and approaches to learning as they strive for academic success. Aiding Culturally Responsive Assessment in Schools (ACRAS) is an Erasmus+ Project, that is looking at improving the quality and equitability of educational assessment for migrant students in four European countries: Ireland, Norway, Austria and Turkey, by providing culturally responsive assessment strategies to teachers. The aim of this paper is to present the preliminary findings of school based survey to provide culturally responsive assesment strategies for teachers in four countries. In the study qualitative research methods were used. The study group is composed of 120 secondary school principals from each project partner country, totalling 480 participants.