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Burns, D., Brown, M., McNamara, G., O'Hara, J., Altrichter, H., Nayir, F., Nortvedt, G. , Weisse, E. and Skedsmo, G.
International Journal of Multicultural Education
Aiding culturally responsive assessment in schools: A conceptual framework
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culturally responsive assessment, conceptual framework
This paper presents the themes and concepts that were distilled from the first two phases of a project titled, Aiding Culturally Responsive Assessment in Schools. The four partner countries in the study have conducted literature surveys and questionnaires of secondary schools on the topic of classroom assessment with particular reference to students with a migration background. The paper presents 16 concepts that give direction for further data collection, data analysis, outcomes and reporting on the project. The paper suggests that these concepts are relevant key considerations wherever culturally responsive assessment at secondary level is of concern.
Pennsylvania US
ISSN 1934-5267
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