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Peter Admirand
Humbling Faith: Brokenness, Doubt, Dialogue--What Unites Atheists, Theists, and Nontheists
Cascade Books
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humility; atheism; religious pluralism; interfaith dialogue; history and memory; witness testimony
This is a book hoping to embolden doubt and sharpen unanswerable questions, all in the context of loving the self and one another. Ridiculously, it believes the world can be healed through such a hope. It is especially addressed to those allergic to the word “faith,” and others who feel confident and proud in the faith they profess or system of thought they live by. Humbling Faith helps us see how our beliefs, or non-beliefs, our belongings and identities, often remain flawed, myopic, self-absorbed, unredeemed. The hope is that such awareness of our brokenness can fuel greater ethical partnerships and dialogue, promoting peace from our recognized need for one another. Humbling Faith is not only a resource towards humbling other faiths, but most importantly, your own.
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