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Pike, S.
Educating geographers using the geographies of children and youth
Curriculum making with children’s geographies: Enhancing children’s participation through geographical learning
Royal Geographical Society, London
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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This presentation outlined how all teachers, including student teachers, can use children’s geographies as a basis of learning in classrooms. In fact, schools may take this idea beyond recognition and draw on principles and practices of children’s participation to provide opportunities for children’s decision making to be active in their schools, localities and beyond. Findings from a range of geography education curriculum making and research projects will be outlined to exemplify that children’s geographies and participation in their schools and communities can be used as a basis of primary geography, even where they are not specifically referred to in geography curricular or resources (Catling, 2003; Martin, 2008; Pike, 2016). These findings will include examples of student undergraduate and post-graduate action research projects. The argument will be made that such consideration and development of children’s geographies and participation has the potential to positively contribute to children’s lives in many ways, not least their enjoyment of geography as an essential area of learning.