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Yang, T. & Zhang, Q.
Journal of Hainan Normal University (Social Sciences)
Outward Delivery of Sichuan Salt—Historical Causes,Space Geography and Value Consideration
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From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China,the outward delivery of Sichuan salt was conducted against some deep social and historical background,thus leading to the gradual setup of five sales networks for Sichuan salt with the continuous expansion of its export scope. In this paper,the study is focused on the historical outward delivery of Sichuan salt,on exploring the three interactive structure of "nation-salt merchants-salt works"implicit in the outward delivery of Sichuan salt,and on revealing the deep process of constant construction of "nationalization"—the fulfillment of the penetration of state political power through the official purchase of salt works in Sichuan—so as to realize the important purpose of social integration in southwest China.
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