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Dunphy, Liz
European Early Childhood Education Conference
A Picture Book Pedagogy for Mathematics in Early Childhood Education
DCU, Ireland
Invited Oral Presentation
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Picture-books as pedagogical tools for supporting mathematics learning in early childhood. Research aims This paper reviews recent literature on how teachers can best use picture-books in supporting young children’s mathematics learning. It addresses the use of picture-books in relation to two aspects of pedagogy: Developing mathematical discourse and focusing on the big ideas of early mathematics. Relationship to previous research works The review develops issues raised in Dooley, Dunphy, & Shiel (2014). It synthesises the work of, for example, Elia, Van den Heuvel‐Panhuizen & Georgiou (2010), Björklund & Samuelsson (2012), Van den Heuvel & Elia (2013) & Hojnoski, Polignano, & Columba (2015). Theoretical and conceptual framework It draws on both sociocultural and cognitive science frameworks (e.g., Wells 1992; Lampert 1998; Sfard 2007; Perry & Dockett, 2008; Sarama & Clements, 2009; O’Nan Brownell, JIE-QI, Ginet, & Hynes-Berry (2014). It argues that perspectives are important in discussing how goals for early mathematics education are a key aspect of the pedagogical framework that educators can use. Paradigm, methodology and methods Through systematic searches relevant literature was synthesised leading to the development of specific guidance in relation to pedagogy. The author further articulates the potential of picture -books as pedagogical tools to be used in reflective and principled ways by educators. Ethical Considerations Due care is taken with presentation of material in order to avoid issues such as academic fraud, misrepresentation of information and plagiarism. Main finding or discussion Key practices and resources to support children’s mathematical learning are discussed. The importance of careful selection of resources and of careful planning for optimum mathematical learning opportunities is emphasised. Implications, practice or policy The issues raised have implications for early mathematics pedagogy and for the preparation of early childhood educators. Key words: picture-books; mathematical discourse; goals and big ideas; early mathematics pedagogy.
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