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Baturo A.
2016 January
Semi-Presidentialism in the Caucasus and Central Asia
From patronal first secretary to patronal president: Post-soviet political regimes in context
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© 2016 Robert Preston Photography / Alamy Stock Photo.Baturo provides an overview of similarities between the political regimes that emerged in post-Soviet EurAsia. After independence, “patronal” first secretaries became “patronal” presidents of their own nation-states. Despite differences in formal institutions and democratic trajectories, political elites across the region often reverted to similar methods to maintain themselves in office. Over the 1991-2014 period, political regimes were generally more open and competitive in Armenia, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan and more repressive in the rest of Central Asia and in Azerbaijan. Baturo shows how a history of statehood, opposition strength, resources available to ruling elites, and alongside rulers’ own preferences contributed to varieties of regime trajectories in the region.
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