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Brown M.;McNamara G.;O'Hara J.
Policy Futures in Education
Quality and the rise of value-added in education: The case of Ireland
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Accountability Comparative education Inspection Quality Value-added
© Author(s) 2016.This paper examines the rise of value-added as a measure of quality in education. As a point of departure, the paper begins with an analysis of the rise of the concept of quality in education and discusses how, at times, various contradictory determinants of quality have managed to influence the evaluation and assessment frameworks of most countries. Leading on from this, the second part of the paper provides a discussion on the use of value-added as a determinant of quality in education. Finally, the study concludes with a discussion on the challenges relating to the introduction of value-added into the Irish education system, a development which will, arguably, become a contentious educational reform initiative within the future landscape of Irish education.
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