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O'Higgins Norman, J. and Sullivan, K.
2017 Unknown
Bullying in Schools: Intervention and Prevention
Reducing school bullying: a whole-school approach
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Bullying, Schools, Whole-School
Bullying in schools has received attention in research since the 1970s when Olweus began to study the issue in Sweden (1978). Internationally, the late 1980s and 1990s saw an increased awareness about the negative effects associated with school bullying and consequently there was an increase in the amount of research in this area in Ireland (O’Moore and Hillery, 1989), Scotland (Mellor, 1990), the Netherlands (Mooij, 1993), England (Whitney and Smith, 1993), and Australia (Rigby, 1998). The young person who is repeatedly bullied at school can experience anxiety, loss of confidence, loneliness and depression. This can result in punctuality problems, deteriorating academic attainment, poor attendance, truancy, early school leaving, mental health problems and even ideas of suicide (Parker & Asher, 1987; Sharp, 1995; Olweus, 1993; Rigby, 1998; Hunt and Jensen, 2006). Bullying prevention and intervention programmes should be rooted in a whole school approach including positive leadership, policy development, curriculum development, ethos, students support services, community links and partnership with local community.
Cowie, H. and Meyers, C.A.
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