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Glynn, M., Doyle, P., Kelleher, E.,
This Flipping Video nearly drove me insane
Dublin City University
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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Flipping the classroom is currently very topical in higher education. There are many ways of approaching this but essentially the main aim is getting students to become knowledge creators can increase student engagement. This presentation outlines how we changed our approach to a practical based assessment and put the learning back into the students hands. The module in question has in excess of 200 students that must be assessed on 4 key skills with one semester. Each skill takes roughly 5 minutes to complete per student. Therefore the logistics of assessing each student 4 times within a very short period of time creates havoc across the entire school. In an attempt to remove the logistic challenges we paired up the students and asked them to use their mobile phones to record each other on video, performing the assessment. This presentation outlines our experience of this process and explains how our experience has dramatically changed the way we now manage practical based assignments and indeed handle video across the university.