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Boilson A.;Staines A.;Ramirez A.;Posada M.;Sweeney M.
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Operationalisation of the European Protocol for Autism Prevalence (EPAP) for Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Measurement in Ireland
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Autism spectrum disorders
© 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New YorkThe European Autism Information System project highlighted the lack of systematic and reliable data relating to the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in Europe. A protocol for the study of ASD prevalence at European level was developed to facilitate a common format for screening and diagnosing children across the EU. This is the first study to operationalise and screen national school children for ASDs using this protocol. National school children 6–11 years (N = 7951) were screened males 54 % (N = 4268) females 46 % (N = 3683). Screening children for ASD implementing the EAIS protocol using the Social Communication Questionnaire (Rutter et al. in Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ). Western Psychological Services, Los Angeles, ) as a first level screening instrument in a non-clinical setting of Irish national schools was demonstrated.
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