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O'Doherty S.;Linehan C.;Tatlow-Golden M.;Craig S.;Kerr M.;Lynch C.;Staines A.
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities
Perspectives of family members of people with an intellectual disability to a major reconfiguration of living arrangements for people with intellectual disability in Ireland
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Community living
© The Author(s) 2016.Aim: To document the views of family members of people with an intellectual disability regarding implementation of a personalized model of social support in Ireland. Method: Forty family members participated in six focus groups. Data were thematically analysed. Results: Family members' preference for particular types of living arrangements were highly reflective of their lived experience. Facilitators to community living included timely information on proposed moves, adequate staffing, suitable properties and locations and consideration of the characteristics of individuals who share a property. Barriers included high support needs, advanced age, a fear of relinquishing current supports, a fear of the sustainability of newer models of residential support and concerns about community opposition. Conclusion: The family perspective to reform is characterized by fear and suspicion of the motivation behind these reforms, with cost efficiencies being perceived as a main driver. Greater information is required to empower families to make informed decisions.
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