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Fitzgerald J.
Critical Studies on Terrorism
Frontline perspectives on preventing violent extremism: an interview with Alyas Karmani (STREET UK)
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Terrorism, counterterrorism, CVE, PVE
Alyas Karmani is Co-Director of STREET UK (Strategy to Reach, Educate and Empower Teenagers), a specialist violence prevention intervention provider working with young people from mainly Muslim backgrounds who are at risk of criminality, gang involvement, sexual violence, social exclusion and violent extremism. STREET is recognised as an exemplar of best practice in the UK, and works in both South London and West Yorkshire. STREET won the award for best PREVENT project in London in 2010 and was regarded as the flagship preventing violent extremism project from 2006 to 2011. Alyas comes from a psychology background, with over 20 years of counselling and therapy work focusing on Muslim-centred mental health and emotional well-being. He is imam and khateeb at a number of Mosques in the North of England and is currently completing a PhD on “The Crises of Masculinity and Urban Male Violence”.
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