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Bennett N.;Smith A.;Gwilliam R.;Webb R.;Sealy B.;Cowern N.;O'Reilly L.;McNally P.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures
Antimony for n -type metal oxide semiconductor ultrashallow junctions in strained Si: A superior dopant to arsenic?
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The creation of stable, highly conductive ultrashallow junctions in strained Si is a key requirement for future Si based devices. It is shown that in the presence of tensile strain, Sb becomes a strong contender to replace As as the dopant of choice due to advantages in junction depth, junction steepness, and crucially, sheet resistance. While 0.7% strain reduces resistance for both As and Sb, a result of enhanced electron mobility, the reduction is significantly larger for Sb due to an increase in donor activation. Differential Hall and secondary-ion mass spectroscopy measurements suggest this to be a consequence of a strain-induced Sb solubility enhancement following epitaxial regrowth, increasing Sb solubility in Si to levels approaching 1021 cm-3. Advantages in junction depth, junction steepness, and dopant activation make Sb an interesting alternative to As for ultrashallow doping in strain-engineered complementary metal-oxide semiconductor devices. © 2008 American Vacuum Society.
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