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Mandatory Fields
Teixeira, Carlos S. C.
2014 January
The development of translation competence: Theories and methodologies from psycholinguistics and cognitive science
Data collection methods for researching the interaction between translators and translation tools — An ‘ecological’ approach
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Newcastle upon Tyne
Optional Fields
translation process research, ecological validity, workplace study, eye tracking, keystroke logging
In this chapter, several methods available for translation process research are explained and analysed, including keystroke and mouse logging, screen recording, eye tracking, retrospection, interviews, and quality revision. The use of the methods is constrained by the particularities of an experiment in which ten professional translators work in their everyday work environment with their computer of habitual use. This workplace setting aims at maximising the ecological validity of the research design, but it also creates difficulties for data collection and analysis. The chapter describes the particular conditions of the experiment and how the research methods were adapted to each translator’s office space. Without going into the particularities of the research variables, the chapter suggests solutions to the difficulties that may arise in this kind of experiment and presents possible alternatives to adjust to some of the unsolved problems. Finally, the chapter formulates some general principles on the most appropriate data-collection methods for similar research.
Schwieter, John & Ferreira, Aline
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