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Teixeira, Carlos S. C.
2014 Unknown
Post-editing of Machine Translation: Processes and Applications
The handling of translation metadata in translation tools
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Newcastle upon Tyne
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translation metadata, translation technologies, CAT tools, translation memory, machine translation
In this chapter, we map out how five translation tools present translation metadata. Although the spectrum of possible metadata elements runs to hundreds, the five tools combined display only around 15 such elements. We raise the question of whether this set of metadata elements and the way they are presented constitute the best combination in terms of translator productivity and translating effort. We take Pym’s minimalist approach to translation competence and extrapolate it as a model for the translation process, indicating how translation tools can contribute to the generationselection steps of this process.
O’Brien, Sharon; Balling, Laura; Carl, Michael; Simard, Michel & Specia, Lucia
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