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de Sousa, M., Francis, L.J., O'Higgins Norman, J., Scott, D.G.
The International Handbook on Education for Spirituality, Care and Wellbeing.
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Spirituality, Pastoral Care, Education
this handbook brings together many of the conceptual themes that have been explored in the previous three parts and relates these themes to the reality of practically applying theories of spirituality, care and well-being in a number of educational settings.While it is usual in a publication of this type to arrange chapters into coherent sub-parts this is not the case in this part of the handbook as most of the chapters have taken an approach in which education for spirituality, care and well-being is presented as an integrated process whereby the overall well-being of a student is understood as intrinsically linked to the spiritual dimension of his/her personality and the extent to which s/he is cared for within an educational setting. Thus this whole part of the handbook offers a collection of essays underpinned by an understanding of education as a process that is inseparable from human fulfilment. The eclectic professional background of the various contributors, psychologist, theologian, teacher, counsellor, sociologist and so on, in itself reflects the approach I have taken in this part in that no one profession is allowed custody of the human spirit.
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