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O'Brien S., O'Hagan M., Flanagan M.
ECCE 2010 - European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics 2010: The 28th Annual Conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics
Keeping an eye on the UI design of Translation Memory: How do translators use the "Concordance" feature?
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Concordance Eye tracking Sub-segment matching Translation Memory (TM) Translation technology User experience User interface
Motivation - To investigate the usefulness of subsegment matching (Concordance feature) in a Translation Memory interface and translators' attitudes to new UI developments around such matching. Research approach - An explorative work-in-progress using eye tracking for translation conducted by professional translators, followed by an opinion survey. Findings/Design - The results suggest that the Concordance window is useful for checking terminology and context, but there is some evidence that the translators do not wish to have this feature turned on constantly. Research limitations/Implications - This is an initial work-in-progress study with a limited number of participants. Quantitative and qualitative results are presented. Originality/Value - This is the first empirical research of its kind. Translators are rarely, if ever, consulted about the UI of the tools they have to use. Take away message - The potential productivity and quality gain from sub-segment matches in Translation Memory is not fully realised and may be enhanced with improved UI design derived from focused research on user experience.
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