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Nwankire C.;Gorkin R.;Siegrist J.;Gaughran J.;Chan D.;Ducrée J.
15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences 2011, MicroTAS 2011
Full integration and automation of immunoassay protocols by rotationally actuated dissolvable film valves
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Burst frequency Centrifugal Dissolvable film Integration Microfluidics Sacrificial valve Valving Vapor barrier
Here we describe a fully integrated and automated, multi-step immunoassay protocol utilizing our water-dissolvable films (DFs) actuated, centrifugo-pneumatic valving scheme [1]. This technique establishes a sequence of laboratory unit operations comprising of blood separation, metering, mixing/incubation, and liquid reagent release from on-board reservoirs for washing and detection by mere control of the rotational frequency. During storage at rest and at low rotational frequencies, the sacrificial DF valves provide permanent liquid and vapor barriers. However, beyond a critical burst frequency ranging up to 3500 rotations per minute (rpm), these valves yield by inverting a metastable gas-liquid layer to trigger the wetting and thus dissolution of the DFs.
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