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Maraka H.;Al-Shammari R.;Al-Attar N.;Lopez S.;Keyes T.;Rice J.
Materials Research Express
Graphene oxide intercalation into self-assembled porphyrin J-aggregates
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Fluorescence Graphene oxide J-aggragate
© 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd. Studies are undertaken to examine graphene oxide intercalation into selfassembled J-aggregate porphyrin structures. Fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence anisotropy imaging were applied along with scanning electron microscopy to study the structure and optical properties of a graphene oxide/TMPyP hybrid composite material. It was seen that the presence of graphene oxide alters the macroscale and nanoscale self-assembled structures of TMPyP in addition graphene oxide also alters the optical activity reducing the emission intensity and exciton recombination lifetime. Evidence exists to support a model where planer-symmetric graphene oxide and TMPyP co-operate in the formation of selfassembled macro and nanostructures forming a composite with strong graphene oxide/TMPyP interaction.
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