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Rajani K.;Olabanji Lucas F.;Daniels S.;Danieluk D.;Bradley A.;Cowley A.;Alam M.;McNally P.
Thin Solid Films
Growth of n-type γ-CuCl with improved carrier concentration by pulsed DC sputtering: Structural, electronic and UV emission properties
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n-type CuCl thin films Photoluminescence Semiconductor Sputtering
γ Copper (I) chloride is naturally a direct band gap, zincblende and p-type semiconductor material with much potential in linear and non-linear optical applications owing to its large free excitonic binding energy. In order to fabricate an efficient electrically pumped emitter, a combination of both p-type and n-type semiconductor materials will be required. In this study, we report on the growth of n-type γ-CuCl with improved carrier concentration by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering of CuCl/Zn target. An improvement of carrier concentration up to an order of ∼ 9.8 × 1018 cm - 3, which is much higher than the previously reported (∼ 10 16 cm- 3), has been achieved. An enhancement in crystallinity of CuCl along the (111) orientation and its consistency with the morphological studies have also been investigated as an effect of doping. Influence of Zn wt.% in the sputtering target on the Hall mobility and resistivity of the doped films is explored. The strong ultraviolet emission of doped films is confirmed using room temperature and low temperature photoluminescence studies. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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