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Rajani K.;Daniels S.;Rahman M.;Cowley A.;McNally P.
Materials Letters
Deposition of earth-abundant p-type CuBr films with high hole conductivity and realization of p-CuBr/n-Si heterojunction solar cell
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CuBr Diode Heterojunction Si Solar cell Transparent p-type material
We present details of the deposition of transparent and earth-abundant p-type CuBr films with high hole conductivity and the fabrication and characterization of a prototype solar cell based on p-CuBr/n-Si heterojunctions. p-type CuBr films with typical resistivities and hole concentrations of 7×10-1 Ω cm and 7.5×1019 cm -3, respectively, are deposited by thermal evaporation followed by oxygen plasma treatment. The transparent p-type films show strong room temperature photoluminescence at ~2.97 eV. The current voltage (I-V) characteristics of the heterojunctions show good diode behaviour. Power conversion efficiency of ~2% was achieved for the heterojunction device without any optimization of the cell structure under AM 1.5 illumination condition with a short circuit current (Jsc) and open circuit voltage (V oc) of 13.2 mA/cm2 and 0.44 V, respectively. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.
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