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Moorkens J.; O’Brien S.; da Silva L.; de Lima Fonseca N.; Alves F.
Machine Translation
Correlations of perceived post-editing effort with measurements of actual effort
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Confidence estimation Confidence indicators Eye-tracking Machine translation user evaluation Post-editing Post-editing effort
© 2015 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht Human rating of predicted post-editing effort is a common activity and has been used to train confidence estimation models. However, the correlation between human ratings and actual post-editing effort is under-measured. Moreover, the impact of presenting effort indicators in a post-editing user interface on actual post-editing effort has hardly been researched. In this study, ratings of perceived post-editing effort are tested for correlations with actual temporal, technical and cognitive post-editing effort. In addition, the impact on post-editing effort of the presentation of post-editing effort indicators in the user interface is also tested. The language pair involved in this study is English-Brazilian Portuguese. Our findings, based on a small sample, suggest that there is little agreement between raters for predicted post-editing effort and that the correlations between actual post-editing effort and predicted effort are only moderate, and thus an inefficient basis for MT confidence estimation. Moreover, the presentation of post-editing effort indicators in the user interface appears not to impact on actual post-editing effort.
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