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Pijnenburg M.;Gordijn B.;Vosman F.;Ten Have H.
Christian bioethics
Catholic healthcare organizations and how they can contribute to solidarity: A social-ethical account of catholic identity
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Catholic healthcare organizations Catholic Social Teaching Charles Taylor Institutional moral responsibility Solidarity
Solidarity belongs to the basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and is part of the ethical repertoire of European moral traditions and European healthcare systems. This paper discusses how leaders of Catholic healthcare organizations (HCOs) can understand their institutional moral responsibility with regard to the preservation of solidarity. In dealing with this question, we make use of Taylor's philosophy of modern culture. We first argue that, just as all HCOs, Catholic ones also can embody and strengthen solidarity by just doing their quintessential job, that is, to care for people with ill health. Second, we focus on the Catholic identity of these organizations and argue that this characteristic can empower a radical commitment to solidarity. Finally, we argue that CST provides a critical ethical framework for approaching solidarity from the perspective of the common good. © The Author 2011. Published by Oxford University Press, on behalf of The Journal of Christian Bioethics, Inc. All rights reserved.
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